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Captis Smart mobile speed sign for ease of location change SID

With built in speed camera options

CAPTIS Smart DSD Speed sign is an excellent static or mobile speed camera solution capable of recording both vehicle speed and vehicle registration plates in one simple to use device. The signs are already utilised by several UK airports to ensure staff are not speeding on site. The CAPTIS can also be utilised as a speed camera for traffic data collection and be fitted with renewable low energy supply, as well as additional sensor capabilities.

How it works:

When the camera has successfully captured a number plate it transmits the ANPR data along with a plate image (black & white) and a full-colour photo of the vehicle to our Easy Connect Controller (ECC) via TCP/IP connection. Once the ECC receives the ANPR data, it logs the current speed from the K-Band Doppler radar and saves both the ANPR images and vehicle speed into the local database. The K-Band Doppler radar tracks oncoming vehicles accessing a planned detection zone. Once the vehicle has left the detection zone the radar sends the event information i.e. entry speed, peak speed, exit speed and average speed to the ECC.


  • Utilising uncompressed HD video for high-accuracy.
  • High resolution for accurate plate recognition.
  • ECC merges the radar and ANPR data and stores for easy access.
  • The images and speed data are kept securely on our server which you can access with a secure logon




Measurements – Sign Size:
Beam Angle: 32 degrees by 30 degrees



  • Easy Setup
  • No Software Required
  • Radar Accurate Speeds
  • Compatible with any of TWM Radar activate signs
  • Colour Overview Photo



  • Static
  • Mobile
  • 230v mains power
  • Solar power
  • Battery
  • Locally via Wi-Fi and the ECC web based interface
  • Remotely via GSM through TWM’s CMS system which will include user defined alert notifications

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