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DayBright PLUS Mid-Post Belisha Beacon Zebra Crossing Equipment

Pedestrian Zebra Crossing Equipment with ILLUMINATED Retro-fit Belisha Beacon Halo

This version of our DayBright Plus model is an alternative option to the Belisha Beacon Zebra Crossing equipment and offers all the attributes of the DayBright PLUS but can be conveniently fitted to any lamp column or floodlight mid-post arrangement. Its flexibility means it can also be fitted on to any offset post or any unconventional pedestrian crossing posts that you may have in place. The DayBright PLUS is an alternative Belisha Beacon head that includes the industry-standard globe that has been enhanced with a halo of Super Bright Amber LEDs. The new DayBright range of retro-fit LED products were designed to give drivers enhanced visibility of pedestrian crossings.

DayBright is the only current product in today’s market that when fitted to existing pedestrian crossing posts, gives 24-hour high-performance illumination in all conditions, especially very bright sunlight – making it an ideal enhancement to Belisha Beacon Zebra Crossing equipment. The DayBright head and runners have a complete directionally adjustable viewing angle, they are available in kit form and they can be retrofitted to any standard or illuminated zebra crossing post in less than 1 hour, without the need for any civils work.

(Patent Number: GB2497767 and GB2515216)



Measurements – Sign Size:
300mm Diameter

UMSUG Coded:
7950 016 001100



  • Exceptional Daylight illumination
  • Longer visibility distances for drivers
  • Enhanced pedestrian safety
  • Enhanced complicity
  • Automatic dimming
  • Easily retro-fitted without civil/excavation work
  • Long life Low energy LED design
  • Quick & easy maintenance access
  • 300mm Diameter super bright LED Band
  • Fully shielded
  • Directionally adjustable viewing angle
  • Secure concealed post fitment
  • Vandal resistant



  • 2 /3 or 4 super bright LED white bands

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