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Wigwag Signal

Waterway Wigwags (An Approved Supplier to the Canal & River Trust)

Wigwag traffic signals comprise of one amber and two red ULTRA-Bright LED Clusters

The wigwag traffic signals comprise of one amber and two red ultra-bright LED clusters mounted inside a lightweight aluminium casing with a variable adjustment mounting bracket. The casing displays a black backing board with reflective red and white border in accordance with the Highways Agency standard for Diagram 3014 of the TSR&GD 2016.

On activation of the supply current to the lamps, the wigwag controller shall begin the lighting sequence of the amber light and red signals, which alternately flash. It is the perfect LED alternating display sign suitable for Highways, Waterways, Wig-Wag, Level Crossing and Fire Station applications.





Measurements – Sign Size :
1365m x 915mm

LED Clusters:
200mm Diameter

As Diagram 3014 of the TSR&GD 2016



  • 24Vdc start signal (from external supply)
  • Amber signal light on for 5 seconds
  • Amber light proved working (current monitored)
  • Red signals start to alternately flash (after 5s amber on and proved working)
  • Red lights proved working. (Current monitored)
  • WigWag ok signal turns on (volt free contact and only if above sequence completed correctly and all lamps are seen to draw current).
  • Red Signals continue to operate until the 24v signal is removed
  • The lamps to be operated are to be confirmed but should be assumed to be 24Vdc
  • LED lamps operating at 1.5A (36Watt) full load, single cluster, hi sounder and fault relay active
  • Lightweight aluminium
  • Variable adjustment mounting bracket
  • For use with Fire Stations, Ambulance Stations, Coast Guard, RNLI

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