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School Flashing Warning Sign

School Flashing Warning Sign LED Twin Amber Flasher

LED twin amber flashing display sign FWAL [EN12966:2014]

The Twin Amber Flasher Sign has two LED amber flashing warning lights, ideal for school applications. Manufactured from aluminium and powder-coated black, this signal is designed to Diagram 4004 of the TSR&GD 2016. The signal can be controlled by various means including a programmable ACTIV8 smart switch, Talento time switches, handheld remote control device or by GSM text messaging.

The School flashing warning sign utilises high powered LEDs for maximum visibility, safety and long service life. It is possible to easily set the calendar via any android, iPhone or notebook/laptop with Bluetooth utilising the FREE App. There is no need for expensive PDA’s and no requirement to buy expensive software licenses.

For the ultimate in TAF (Twin Amber Flasher) calendar control and functional monitoring, you can specify your TAF with TWM’s GSM enabled ACTIV8 system, which utilises a built-in GSM card (pre-paid for two years) that connects automatically to the strongest signal in the area.

Furthermore, you can remotely set the calendar for on/off times from the comfort of any PC or laptop, ensuring there is no need to be by the sign! Multiple school sites can be changed at the press of a key, saving time and costs in visiting multiple sites and takes operatives off the highway.

Radio link a secondary TAF’s to the ACTIV8 primary TAF so that you can control in the same way. The ACTIV8 system will also report back any operational failures, pinpointing the TAF with a problem so the location is identified. There is even a small onboard battery to allow an error message to be sent in the event of a power failure. Each ACTIV8 TAF includes a 5-user license!



Measurements – Sign Size :
1020mm x 1463mm



  • Aluminium extruded body
  • Die-cast aluminium end caps
  • Polyester coated Black or Grey
  • Polycarbonate lens
  • Pawl locks
  • LED ULTRA Bright Amber clusters
  • UMSUG coded
  • AUTOMATIC FUNCTION MONITORING AND REPORTING to ensure maximum efficiency around safety critical school sites



  • Clip or banding fixing

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