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Welsh DSD Speed Display Sign

Welsh DSD speed display sign SID Speed Indication Device

Large LED SPEED DISPLAY sign with ARAF SLOW Safety Message Face Option

The Welsh Speed Indication Device will display a real-time illustration of the approaching speed of an oncoming vehicle when exceeding a pre-set threshold limit. However, if the approaching vehicle is above a second higher threshold limit, the sign will display both SPEED and “ARAF SLOW”.

When the vehicle then slows down and the speed falls below the secondary threshold limit, the sign will display “DIOLCH THANKS” with the real-time speed. In addition, this dual colour speed display sign is available in red and green.

The light output of the directional LED display is controlled via the inbuilt photo cell, achieving best performance whatever the light or weather conditions. Furthermore, the MVD is discretely positioned within the sign body, showing no external traces of a detector, yet allowing maximum detection. The road safety speed limit sign can be radar activated and utilised for data collection. It can also operate as a remote data collection facility and requires virtually no maintenance.

Thanks to the lightweight robust aluminium casing the speed display sign is a quick & easy mounting facility, making it ideal for moving around sites.





Measurements – Sign Size :
780m x 650mm

Speed Display size:

100mm high



  • Multi-stage dimming
  • Fully enclosed anti-vandal unit
  • 230 or 12-volt operation
  • Virtually No maintenance
  • High performance LED output
  • Lightweight robust aluminium casing
  • Channel rail on the rear for easy installation
  • Quick & easy mounting facility for moving around sites



  • Data recording facility optional
  • Optional remote data collection facility

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