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Multi functional speed display sign

Multi-Function LED Speed LIMIT Speed Indication Device (SID)

LED Speedlimit highway road sign EN12966:2014

This Multi-Function Speed Indication Device works as an interactive LED speed limit sign, designed to mirror the regulatory maximum speed limit sign (Diag 670) as described in the TSR&GD (TSRDG). The LEDs on the display ensures maximum visibility for drivers.

VSD Mode

When used as a Variable Speed Display (VSD), the roundel can be configured to display the legal speed limit of the road through the TWM workbench software via USB interface connection. Upon detection, the red roundel and speed limit will illuminate along with the “SLOW DOWN” safety message.

SDU Mode

The sign also has the capability of operating as a Speed Display Unit (SDU). When configured as an SDU, the sign will display a real-time illustration indicating the speed of an oncoming vehicle along with the “YOUR SPEED” text above, if the vehicle’s speed is above the pre-set speed limit, the “SLOW DOWN” safety message will illuminate.

Hybrid Mode

When used in this mode the sign is configured to use both technologies and operates as follows: the sign will display a real-time illustration indicating the speed of an oncoming vehicle, along with the “YOUR SPEED” text above. If the vehicle’s speed reaches the legal speed limit of the road, the sign will activate the red roundel, and the legal speed limit will display along with the “SLOW DOWN” safety message. However, if the vehicle continues to speed, the sign will revert to the SDU mode and both the speed display and the “SLOW DOWN” message will flash.

The “Does It All Sign”

As a compliant speed limit display, the Multi-Function LED speed limit sign reinforces the local speed limit with the instruction to “SLOW DOWN”. Also, it can be used as a Digital Speed Display and show real-time vehicle speed. This road safety speed limit sign can be radar activated and utilised for data collection.



Measurements – Sign Size :
450mm or 750mm Roundel Diameter



  • 450mm or 750mm roundel diameter
  • Configurable speed limit (10mph – 60mph)
  • Configurable speed display
  • Manufactured from 3mm aluminium
  • Radar discretely positioned within sign body
  • Multi-stage dimming to ensure the best performance



  • Optional data recording facility
  • Optional remote access
  • Amber Flasher option
  • Optional speed type KPH or MPH
  • Optional solar power augmentation

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