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Speed Control Sign with SLOW DOWN Safety Message Below

This interactive vehicle activated speed control sign with SLOW DOWN has been designed to mirror the regulatory maximum speed limit sign (Diag 670) described in the TSR&GD but has the added addition of 4 corner flashers and a “SLOW DOWN” safety message that activates along with the speed display. These signs are available with a single fixed display or multivariable display and depending on your requirement the sign could display “30” when positioned at a site on a 30mph road, then moved to a site on a 40mph road where the display can be switched to “40”.

Manufactured from 3mm aluminium and powder coated black front and back. The rear is fitted with aluminium channel rail for easy post-installation. The light output of the directional LED display on the speed control sign with SLOW DOWN is controlled via the inbuilt photocell, achieving best performance whatever the light or weather conditions.

The MVD is discretely positioned within the sign body, showing no external traces of a detector, yet allowing maximum detection. The MVD is easily programmed via a netbook/laptop computer, the lead is connected via a USB interface connector on the front of the sign which makes on-site adjustment simple and easy. This sign has the addition of a “SLOW DOWN” safety message below the roundel and 120mm diameter amber flashers in each corner for enhanced visibility.

Numerical Display: Between 10mph and 60mph



Measurements – Display Diameter:
450mm / 600mm / 750mm / 900mm

Text Size increases with size of roundel (1/4 of the roundel diameter)



  • Multi-stage dimming
  • Fully enclosed anti-vandal unit
  • 230 or 12-volt operation
  • Virtually No maintenance
  • Sizes and display as the TSR&GD
  • High performance LED output
  • Lightweight robust aluminium casing
  • Channel rail on the rear for easy installation
  • Quick & easy mounting facility for moving around different sites



  • Solar powered option
  • Radar or loop activation
  • Optional data recording facility
  • Optional remote access
  • Available without flashing corners
  • Optional speed type KPH or MPH

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