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Village Gateway VAS

Village Gateway VAS

Village gateway or entrance signs are designed to highlight the approach to a parish, town or village. The vehicle activated sign will indicate the legal speed limit that the driver must adhere to whilst also delineating the extents of the parish, town or village.

For a strong visual feature, the speed limit sign is enhanced with super bright LED’s that outline the red ring and numerals. LED’s can also be added to the village name where requested. The village gateway sign is then configured to ensure every approaching vehicle activates the display and this will inform drivers of the legal speed limit of the road.

There is the option to augment the sign with solar power. It is also possible to add a data recording facility to the sign and establish remote access to this data.



Measurements – Sign Size :
450mm / 600mm / 750mm / 900mm



  • Display Diameter: 450/600/750/900mm
  • Numerical Display: 30/40/50/60mph
  • Manufactured from 3mm Aluminium
  • Choice of non-reflective and reflective material
  • Radar discretely positioned within the sign body
  • Multi-stage dimming to ensure best performance



  • LEDs to enhance the village name
  • Data recording facility
  • Remote access
  • Solar power augmentation

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