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LED Overheight Warning Sign

LED Overheight Triangle Warning Sign

With Amber Corner Flashers - LED warning sign [EN12966:2014]

This vehicle activated LED highway overheight warning sign is manufactured from 3mm aluminium and coloured black with powder coating. The sign has ULTRA Bright LED amber corner flashers and a display text of “OVERHEIGHT VEHICLE DIVERT” with an arrow. The text is to be displayed in capital letters, all in white LED’s.

In order to operate the sign, a remote overheight vehicle detector is installed at a designated point on the the approach of the low bridge. Once an overhight vehicle is detected as approaching the sign the system transmits a signal to the sign, which then activates the display for a pre-determined length of time.

Multiple sensing device options including Doppler Radar, IR gates, FLIR or a combination. Please call us to discuss options for an Overheight Warning sign system tailored to your designated site or sites. This overheight warning sign has proven success in slowing traffic down in situations such as at bends, crossroads, on bridges, at accident sites, with overhead cables or in traffic queues. This road safety speed limit sign can be radar activated and utilised for data collection.



Type: CW Doppler
Operating Frequency: K-Band (24GHz)
Power Usage @ 4Hz: 100m <65mW 200m <170mW 400m <65mW
Beam Angle: 38o x 45o 32o x 30o 24o x 12o
Output Capability: RS232 or RS485 or USB
Detection Range: min. 100m max. 400m Typ. 200m
Operating Speed: 1mph – 150mph
Certification: CE approved



  • Manufactured from 3mm Aluminium
  • Multi-stage dimming to ensure the best performance

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