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LED Triangular Warning Signs with Turning Traffic

Triangular Warning Sign with TURNING TRAFFIC Safety Message


This Triangular Warning Sign for TURNING TRAFFIC has a high performance LED output and so is ideal to capture road users attention. Manufactured in two sections from 3mm aluminium, this LED sign comes with a 1200mm ULTRA bright LED red triangle to Diagram 562 of the TSR&GD 2002 and it has an ULTRA bright white LED safety message below reading “TURNING TRAFFIC”. This road safety speed limit sign can be radar activated and utilised for data collection. The light output of the directional LED display is controlled via the inbuilt photocell, achieving best performance whatever the light or weather conditions.

The MVD of the Triangular Warning Sign for TURNING TRAFFIC is discretely positioned within the sign body, showing no external traces of a detector, yet allowing maximum detection. The MVD is easily programmed via a PDA or Laptop computer, the lead is connected to the underside of the sign which makes on-site adjustment simple and easy.



Measurements – Sign Shown :
700m x 1200mm

Triangle size:

Text Display size:
125 X Height

Triangle size options:
600mm, 750mm, 900mm and 1200mm

SLOW DOWN Text: Size increases with the size of the triangle (1/4 of the Triangle Height)



  • Multi-stage dimming
  • Fully enclosed anti-vandal unit
  • 230 or 12-volt operation
  • Virtually No maintenance
  • Sizes and display as the TSR&GD
  • High performance LED output
  • Lightweight robust aluminium casing
  • Channel rail on the rear for easy installation
  • Quick & easy mounting facility for moving around sites



  • Optional data recording facility
  • Radar or loop activation

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